In the business world it is essential to keep up to date, always looking for the latest information. If you are not creating new techniques to make your company grow, it will inevitably go into chaos, falling into bankruptcy. That’s why today we offer you innovative ideas to make your beverage sales business prosperous and profitable.

How to start a profitable beverage business

Let’s start with an important question:

Which is better, buying a ready-made store or creating a new one?

Although it is a bit complicated question, let me tell you that either choice needs a business plan, time and money to invest.

  • Advantages of buying a liquor store: This option may be a good opportunity for you. The major benefits of acquiring an already established establishment are: You already have a fixed location, customers, established liquor licenses, shelves, warehouses, refrigerators; in short, everything you need to start your business as soon as possible.
  • Advantages of running a liquor store from scratch, on your own: It is true that starting a business of this type is quite a challenge. It could be compared to watching your child grow up little by little. Of course, everything that is inside your establishment will have your seal. You will be able to create everything to your liking, and the result will be just as you dreamed it.

To start your own alcoholic beverage sales company, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Selection of establishment, (can be purchased or rented).
  • Preparation of movable property.
  • Properly ventilated racks and warehouses.
  • Lighting and the required conditions to store the products.
  • To have the initial financial capital.
  • To have all licenses and permits up to date.


Beverage Business

Tips to increase your profits

If you are an entrepreneur and want your new business to make enough money, the following tips will be of great help to you:

  • Examine the merchandise well, This way you will be able to know if it is of good quality or if the quantity you ordered arrived; this way you will have control of all your products.In a facility where beverages are sold, brands are a very important point. Customers have varied tastes and are demanding in terms of their preferences. For this reason, when your supplier sends you merchandise that is not the brand you are used to, you should complain.
  • Store everything at the time it is received, This is because there are beverages that require refrigeration to keep their flavor intact; an example of this is beer.
  • Write down all investments and movements you make in a register that you have designated for this purpose. Everything that enters or leaves the warehouse should be recorded there. Also write down in detail if any bottles broke and why.
  • Every day do a count of everything you have in stock before you open your business. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your daily sales.

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What you should know about suppliers

Create a solid relationship with your suppliers. Make it clear that you as a customer expect the highest quality products and on-time deliveries. But don’t forget that you have to pay them on time, buy frequently and in increasing quantities.

  • Orders must be placed by people who are familiar with incoming and outgoing goods.
  • You need to have a main supplier and several alternates.
  • You must be able to negotiate the best prices and payments.
  • When negotiating with suppliers, find out what the prices are; if necessary, let them know that you are going to consult other possible options.
Beverage Business

Types of alcoholic beverages you can sell in your new business

If you are planning to start a business selling alcoholic beverages, take into account the types of liquors you are going to offer. Below is a list of some of the most requested drinks:

  • Soft drinks: In many events, this type of liquor is consumed. Included in this group are sodas, those which do not contain alcohol, but which do include caffeine in their ingredients.When buying them for your new coffee-shop, it is advisable to buy them in large quantities, since in this way the prices will be lower and you will save money. It is also advisable to know several stores, since some suppliers only offer a group of brands.
  • Alcohol: If your business organizes weddings or large parties, as part of your services you should have alcoholic beverages on hand. In this group you can find vodka, gin, American whiskey and scoth. Also liqueurs and spirits. When you are going to buy these drinks, it is better to buy them in bulk, since it will be less expensive. Remember our suggestion to first see several suppliers before making the final purchase. By evaluating the offerings of several vendors, you can select which one really offers what you need. This way your customers will also be pleased.
  • Beer and wine: wines and champagnes are available by the unit and in their cases. The quantity you need depends on how much demand you have in your business. But keep in mind that it should always be above average. Mainly purchase large quantities for holidays.
  • Milk: Although you may find it a little unbelievable, there are people who do not drink any alcoholic beverages and come to your establishment to drink only a glass of milk. You should also take into account that some parents use it in their children’s snacks.
It is recommended to buy the right amount of this drink, since once the package is opened, it is necessary to keep it refrigerated. Some dairy product suppliers package them in containers that are easy to handle.
Beverage Business

Beverage sales techniques

Creativity is very necessary in business, especially when it comes to sales. These techniques that I will show you will be of great help for you to undertake effectively in your new business:

Run promotions offering free beers: This is considered one of the best ideas to get more people to attend your bar. There are many ideas for games and dynamics for this offer, you just have to choose the one that is easiest for you to carry out. One suggestion is to offer a free case of beer to whoever consumes 4 of your most daring cocktails.

You can carry out this promotion during the weekend, since this is the time when most people go to restaurants and bars, in order to clear their heads after a long week of work. Look for promotional techniques that are able to capture the attention of customers, so that they come to your establishment without fail.

Create your own events: Take advantage of good music, colorful lights and a cozy atmosphere to create your own style of promotion. Invite a comedian or a band to the business, hold a wine tasting contest and even an exhibition of craft beers. Of course, it must be dynamic and fun, something that will attract everyone’s attention.

Surprise promotion: Nothing makes your customers’ day like a FREE drink. Therefore, to get more people to come to your facility, you can plan a surprise promotion. These can consist of discounts, offer drinks that pay two for the price of one and many more. Of course, you must assign an exact number of drinks to be given, so you can have a control of what you offered.

This promotion can be planned in several ways, some of them are: According to the previously marked seat number, the first or last visitor that has arrived until that moment, etc. You should always let your customers know the days that these promotions will be in force, this way they will make preparations to come to your bar.

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Decoration for a beverage business

The decoration of an establishment can make a person stay in it, and even return soon with more friends, or leave without even consuming anything. That is why you do well to pay attention to the details.

Let’s start with the light: In a bar where alcoholic beverages are sold, it should be dim, subtle, but a little warm; in this way you are creating a pleasant atmosphere for the people who visit it. When decorating bars, you must take into account what kind of atmosphere you want to convey. If you achieve the comfort of the customers, you will already be taking very good steps.

Another important point is to have a display shelf, where you put the different types of beverages you offer. This way you fulfill at least 2 objectives: You attract the attention of customers and make them ask for more varieties, driven by what they see.

Create bars where people can enjoy their drink, if they don’t want to occupy a table. These should be made of easy to clean materials, with enough space and be very resistant. In bars, bars are the ideal place to sit and chat with friends.

The decoration of the drinks can not be missing: For this use chocolate, edible gold sprinkles, grains, lemon slices, dried fruits, among others. You can put salt or sugar on the rim of the glass depending on the type of liqueur. There are rim liquids that add color to the drink. Always present your drinks as eye-catching as possible, remember that the desire to consume them almost always starts with the sight.

some beverage business ideas

  1. Themed beverage café:

Create a themed café that specializes in a variety of beverages. You can offer gourmet coffee, exotic teas, healthy smoothies, natural juices and innovative cocktails. Design a cozy and unique space that reflects your chosen theme and offer a memorable experience for beverage lovers.

2. Craft beverage distribution:

Start a craft beverage distribution business. Seek out small local producers who make craft beers, specialty wines, ciders or unique distillates. Establish partnerships with these producers and create a distribution network to bring their products to local stores, restaurants and bars. Promote the quality, history and authenticity of these artisanal beverages.

3. Healthy beverage vending machines:

Install healthy beverage vending machines in strategic locations such as offices, gyms and educational centers. Offers a wide variety of low-sugar, organic, caffeine-free beverages with natural ingredients. Uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the quality and freshness of the beverages. Promotes healthy lifestyles and provides convenient and nutritious options for people on the go.

Remember to conduct market research, identify the needs and preferences of your target audience, as well as evaluate the economic viability of each beverage business idea. Tailoring these ideas to your location and local market will help you succeed in the beverage industry.