Influencing someone, a group or a community is complicated for some, but with the right talent, it is simple for others Did you know that these people who stand out for their content are called influencers and content creators? Influencer marketing as an option to publicize products and services is one of the newest in digital marketing.

What it is and how it works

People flood the world with their opinions or their actions in favor or against the situation around them. Taking advantage of the fact that they are public figures: actresses, models, singers, content creators, make them experts in areas such as: social networks, influencer marketing, social media, lifestyle and more. Their followers in social networks have made them stars not only in their different arts but also in digital marketing and marketing and advertising.

In short, influencer marketing is a way for brands to use people who are already influential in their different areas to increase the reach of their product or service. It is the way in which brands, little by little and with the help of these people, will be able to advance in the market before their competition.

It is worth asking, is influencer marketing beneficial for my brand, what can a singer or a sportswoman do for my business, and are the advantages of influencer marketing beneficial for me as well? Among the types of marketing, influencer marketing has many advantages. The three main ones are:

  1. 💦 Increase your sales and brand reach: it will be an instant result.
  2. 💦 It is reliable and natural: the target audience and the consumer in particular will be able to establish more human ties with the brand thanks to the influencer who represents it. By presenting greater credibility, they make the customer feel more comfortable purchasing their products or services.
  3. 💦 It is not an expensive option. Based on the interaction rate, influencer marketing is known to be profitable. For every €1 invested, you earn €5.75.

What is the potential of Influencer Marketing?

If we are talking about potential, influencers are giving every brand more and more boom. This can be seen within marketing campaigns and more actions to reach more consumers.

After mentioning the word influencer several times, you may be wondering what this person is and above all, what he or she does. It is someone who has the ability to influence others within their community.

There are several types of influencers: They are grouped in different ways. They start from the areas in which they develop to the number of followers they have. This last parameter is of singular importance in terms of influencer marketing. Let’s look at the three types of influencers according to their followers:

  1. Nano-Influencers: are those who gather only about 5 K people in their social networks. They, like the rest, work as a brand image and give credibility and closeness to the consumer. Their reach may be, within the network of influencers, only in the Spanish market if they are exclusively fluent in that language.
  2. Among the different types of influencers, there are also micro influencers. They are so called because their followers amount to more than 5 K and reach 100 K followers on their digital platforms.
  3. Macro-Influencers: their more than 100 K fans and followers, as well as the importance of content in social networks, makes them able to earn a living from their work as influencers. How? With a successful marketing strategy, the creation and management of a website, participation in marketing campaigns, marketing actions, also with millions of impressions, and influencer campaigns.
  4. There is one last classification: celebrities. They, to a certain extent, are also influencers. Influencer marketing reaches the market worldwide with their actions. This also happens with celebrities.
  5. Thanks to this, they are recognized and claimed for their sports and artistic work at an international level. Influencer marketing campaigns have been, without a doubt, the best option for their launches as influencers. They achieve a much higher level of engagement from the public than influencers.

How to make an influencer marketing strategy

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to achieve productive marketing strategies for your brand. However, we anticipate that if you use certain keywords, expose content from blog resources and use content related to your brand, you are already on your way.

  1. Determine where you are going: Knowing what your goals are and aiming for more new customers is the best part of influencer marketing.
  2. Customer experience is important. Remember to get to know them in depth.
  3. You must understand and respect the rules, for example, in the United States, they are imposed by the Federal Trade Commission.
  4. Remember the RARs of influence. They are: Relevance, scope, resonance.
  5. If you are already an influencer, be aware of your competition.
  6. With the right influencer marketing strategy, you can, among other things, research what others publish. But never copy them.
  7. Mantén una comunicación afable, asertiva y espontánea con tu público. El canal de marketing se encargará de hacer llegar tu producto desde que lo consideres en tu cabeza hasta que llegue al consumidor.

Influencer marketing tools

Here I will only mention some of the useful tools to make your influencer marketing work perfectly. Tracking quantitative metrics and qualitative metrics is very important to study the influencer marketing market.

  • Hootsuite: its search streams will help you find new influencers. You will be able to monitor important conversations and much more.
  • Right Relevance Pro: this is an app with which you can locate valuable content by influencer and topic. All so you don’t miss anything.
  • Trufan: is the best tool for small influencers. Its main function is to connect with nano and micro influencers, identify their followers and help them grow.

Examples of influencer marketing

There are so many that it would be impossible to mention them all. Let’s look at at least two of them:

  1. The dermatological products brand Cerave has the image and presence of Lailany Sota. She has already reached more than 1.4 million followers with her content.
  2. Paula Hechavarria and her multiple collaborations with Hawkers eyewear brand.