The key to the success of a business lies in a coherent and studied marketing plan. Achieving high sales numbers, followers and a lot of prestige is not achieved overnight. If you apply the right strategies you will see your food business grow.

Steps to attract customers for your fast food business

Invest time in marketing to make yourself known, offer good products and attention and follow the tips we have brought you to achieve success.

1. Emphasize the latest trends

When it comes to food, what’s hot at the moment is a must, just like fashion in clothing. Due to the importance of social media, people like a place that is perfect for photos. Although, emphasis always needs to be placed on food and customer service.

In the case of fast food places do not require taking care of every detail like in restaurants. Use creativity in the elaboration of new and very different dishes from others. Give the greatest relevance to the flavors and that they are well done.

Also, listen to what diners want so that they are happier and attract others.

last trends

2. Conduct a competitor analysis

This activity ensures that you get good results in your marketing plan. Look at the special offers and prices of neighboring stores, they will give you an idea of what you need to do. Also, it will show you their worst weaknesses for your benefit. It consists of one of the ways within the business administration of many corporations.

It allows you to set clear goals and create your own ideas from what you researched. When you set a strategy of exclusivity, success is more assured.

3. Always add your personal touch

Make a difference, don’t be the same as the rest of your rivals. Personalize as much as you can, so that you can be identified among so many fast food places. Use social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Work on your publications, giving them an identity is the key to reach a loyal audience. Post the tastiest dishes and incredible offers that are cheap.

4. Take advantage of Google My Business

It is an important tool for any business you have. Nowadays people rely a lot on Google to find where to eat. If you have your fast food place on Google My Business it provides a prominent presence when users search for options.

Google My Business

So work harder to get them to notice you favorably, until you become their favorite. If you keep your profile very complete by updating it in a timely manner, Google will rank it among the top places.

5. Fast food delivery

Delivery is a trend all over the world, so your site needs it. Many people come home after a long day with no desire to cook. That’s why food delivery in the U.S. brings a lot of profit. It is because the majority of the population works too much.

You have everything you need to become a home delivery, just put in the effort. The trick is to have delivery to homes in less than 30 minutes, so that the food arrives hot. If you go over that range you can even decrease profits.

Get agile workers for this service, train them and teach them what to do in the possible situations that occur. Have someone on the phone 24 hours a day, so you don’t miss a single order. It needs to be a patient and polite person, who picks up quickly.

However, it’s not just about phone calls, take advantage of technology here. You can even create an App, it requires some investment in someone to make it work, but it’s worth it. Remember that fast food is the best when it comes to delivery. So you stand a good chance of profiting.

Offer discounts from time to time, especially on special occasions. In case the order doesn’t arrive on time, don’t charge for the whole service and let them apologize.

How to get more customers for your restaurant

Restaurants today have maintained popularity as one of the most profitable food businesses. However, it is not always possible to have so many customers that bring you a lot of profit. However, with the right strategies, you can succeed.

1. Focus on perfecting your menu

When you sit down in a restaurant to choose your meal, it becomes difficult if the menu contains 4 pages. It leads you to feel overwhelmed by having too many options to choose from. So you need to have as many meals as you need, but with surprising names.

That way you can persuade the customer with originality and closeness at the same time. In this topic it is worth highlighting the portions of the main course in comparison with the rest. Also, put important specifications in the menu that provoke curiosity.

If you want loyal diners for your business, perfect their experience with these marketing strategies. Have the menu digital via QR code so they use other options to learn about what you are offering.

2. Promote your business on Google and social networks

Google Ads allows you to position your brand among the top of search results. You have to give it a minimal cost, compared to the benefits they offer you. According to OpenTable, 93% of people look at menus online before dining out.

So don’t hesitate to consider this option for your business website. It should be in text, so it can be found on a long list of sites. Make sure there is an affiliation with Google to make it work. On the other hand, there are social networks, a good strategy that favors close communication with the public.

social networks

It is not enough just to create your accounts on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. You need to dedicate time to share interesting ideas that attract people. For example, show the preparation of a dish in a story or search for its ingredients.

Conduct market research on the latest in social media about food. Always showcase new sale options or special event offers. When it comes to food, Instagram is king, so focus on taking high-quality photos.

They should look so real and appetizing to customers that they want to come to your location right away. Take advantage of the hashtags rage, use the popular ones or use your imagination and form a new one. Also, don’t forget to interact with the public, ask for opinions and filter what they suggest.

On the other hand, you need to ask for complaints and suggestions on your networks. Social Media Today assures that 95% of customers will return if you address their concerns quickly. Instantly all negative reviews will be removed. Also, set up a Google Alert to monitor what is being said about your business.

3. Work on your website

On the other hand, focus on an impactful website for the world. There goes the menu, just as you find it in person, with address and phone number. Don’t forget to add a reservation service in one part of the page.

Also, an amazing idea is to create offers for events like birthdays or marriage proposals. You have to add what these services include: food, decoration and others. Of course, this idea should be considered according to what your food business has.

4. Give to get

Holding contests and sweepstakes allows you to spread the word about your restaurant. Use your best allies: social networks. For example, ask your loyal customers to share a post to win a free dinner. Another way that brings good results is to give away coupons and discounts.

One option is: if a diner posts a photo of his or her dish, he or she gets 10% off the payment. Here you also apply a strategy that has been proven to work. Invite a charity and donate the tips or 10% of the profits. It will cause them to talk about you very well with their customers.

5. Influencers and bloggers: a magnet for customers.

Within online marketing it is important to take advantage of the fame of others. Conduct a study of local food bloggers, so that you can collaborate with them. Offer to give them dinner in exchange for them posting their experiences in your restaurant. I assure you that several who follow them will show up very soon to eat.

6. Focus on preparing your employees

First, consider customer service as the most important marketing strategy. So prepare your employees to serve everyone who visits you with respect and patience. Introduce the public to friendly waiters who know the full menu and the chef’s suggestions.

Have hosts who greet with a smile and chat. If possible, there should be more than two people who know other languages. The moment you create a peaceful atmosphere I assure you that in a short time loyal followers increase. Therefore, through Instagram stories show your employees in action without making it look acted.