Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so getting new ones and keeping existing ones is paramount. Make sure you focus not only on what you produce or provide, but rather on what they ask for. With the right tips you will improve your customer relationship.

Demonstrate transparency about your own and the company’s mistakes.

Here it is worthwhile to take a critical attitude and a constant striving for perfection. You can allow yourself to make a list of strengths and a list of the weakest areas of your work. You will only perform them correctly thanks to the opinion of the customers. Treat them well, but make it feel really natural, try not to pretend so much. In case you or someone in your team makes a mistake, apologize humbly. Even, if you wish, offer to pay them for it and give them a new article.

Also, don’t just work on your own work, train others to deal with certain types of situations. Customer service is an excellent marketing strategy. Therefore, empower your team with lectures on dealing with the public, simulations to deal with difficult people. Implement techniques for those who are part of commercial, establish lasting relationships with customers. Plan meetings where you also praise those who serve buyers well.

Focus on needs

Take into account what customers want through comments on the website or social networks. Share information about your company on the pages and offer eye-catching deals. Do not forget to make deliveries on time and with quality, so that there are no justified complaints. On the other hand, something to consider is to implement a positive way of communication, such as toll-free hotlines. Always remember that giving rewards is fundamental when it comes to strengthening relationships with your customers.

When you discount or give samples, you establish a more effective communication channel. In addition, you positively spread the image of your brand, you give to receive good recommendations. Also, use two online sales techniques Crosselling and Upselling. The latter consists of giving a higher-end product in a search.

Make sure that the customer has not put it in the cart to give you the recommendation. This way, you run the risk of saturating the customer and he/she will leave it. On the other hand, there is Crosselling, if you use it well, it can become part of your strengths. It is known as cross-selling or multiplier, which offers you a complementary item to what you wanted. An example of this is if you want to buy a flower dress, it shows you some sandals that go with juice.

It is valid in online and traditional businesses, which have shown an increase in profits. In addition, it boosts conversions and good comments on websites. It makes the person feel cared for and improves the relationship with the brand, while you sell more. However, remember that each technique has its limit, do not go overboard in the offers, because the customer gets tired that way.

Analyze complaints and focus on resolving them.

In these cases, chatbots are recommended to help minimize the effort to solve a problem with a customer. Chatbot Magazine states that 69% of consumers prefer bots because they give quick answers to simple questions. That way they won’t despair about long waits for something so simple. You will achieve greater customer satisfaction and trust, because you solve problems without giving them time.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, they serve many people with very few errors. They provide information, solve doubts and give support.

Always keep in permanent contact

Take the time to give personalized attention to your customers in the best possible way. Establish a relationship of trust, not that you have to be answering messages all day long. At least take a moment to write to them in a genuine way. Not only that, I advise you to create online communities where you recruit customers with similar preferences to interact with each other. Get them to feel engaged with those who have similar needs and expectations.

They can share their ideas about your products and services freely. You get the opportunities for you to get the opinions of the core customers. I advise you to use the QuestionPro Communities platform for this, it positions your customers in segmented communities.

Ask how their experience with you has been

Knowing the opinion of those who already know your work or product is essential. This simple activity helps you to better understand your target market. An excellent way to do this is through discussion forums, surveys and polls. Through these actions you find solutions for future situations, as well as valuable information. Don’t stop there, you need to keep track of the customer experience through feedback.

Sometimes a simple thank you makes a big difference and has value for a certain type of business and people. Communicate about new changes and improvements, for the suggestions you made. You can update them on the progress of that product they requested, so that they feel that you consider them. On the other hand, schedule weekly or monthly discussion topics. QuestionPro, which is a community, allows you to form discussion groups.

Bring the option of owning members who have a specific profile, achieving the interaction you require. Keep the same commitment with which you add a publication of articles on your website. Don’t attack them with too many messages either, but send reminders to check in with your posting schedules.

Whenever you can meet their expectations

Try not to do the same as the rest of the brands, be more creative. The only special thing you can give him is not only in birthday greetings. If he has been a customer for some time, making purchases or requesting services often, give him access to a VIP customer club. Also, you should consider them a longer return period. In addition, within this category, it is advisable to get to know the customer.

That way you give them personalized content that they will be very grateful for when it comes to giving their opinion of your company. For example, if you notice that she always buys a hair repair shampoo, it would be good to recommend a treatment that you have. She’s sure to like the gesture and may purchase it immediately or at a later date.