If you think that in order to sell a product, a project or a service you need a special gift, you are wrong. What you really need is to study thoroughly how to make a sales pitch. Discover the exact words to present your ideas in the most attractive way possible; this is the key to open the doors to success.

How to create a sales pitch

To create a sales pitch you must pay attention to two fundamental elements:

The first is to know in detail what you are selling. Research and study its characteristics and the problems it will solve. The more information you have about your product or service, the easier your tasks will be. This knowledge will become the right tool to make a quality presentation. This way you will be able to provide an effective answer to each of the questions people have about the topic.

The second element is to have a deep understanding of the market you are going to address. You can rely on marketing strategies designed for this purpose, which offer you a detailed profile of the customers. All this with the purpose that you can better solve their problems and focus on how to satisfy their particular needs.

What is the sales pitch

The sales pitch is a short and accurate commercial speech used to present a business, product or project. It is generally used in the first contact you have with the user and its objective is to make the listener want to know more about the topic. It focuses on how what you are proposing will solve a particular problem.

A good sales rep is able to make a presentation that generates curiosity and engages the potential investor within minutes. Advertise persuasively, motivating potential customers to listen to you all the way through. They will want to know more about your pitch once you finish your promotion.

How to prepare a sales pitch

To create an effective sales pitch, we recommend that you carefully follow the steps below:

Study your customer

It is essential to know your target audience. If you understand their problems and tastes, these will help you to prepare a more assertive pitch.

In case you already have real customers to whom you have sold your product or service, share the success you achieved with clear examples. Create personalized stories that validate the benefits with tangible evidence and demonstrate the impact by listing your recognizable accomplishments.

Use clear language

The words you use should be easy to understand. Don’t use technical terms that the listener may not know. Be direct and focus only on the message you want to convey.

The tone of voice should be neutral, but also friendly. Statistics show that a casual tone of voice is effective as long as politeness and assertiveness are respected.

Convince why to invest in your product

If you have already researched your market and identified their needs, the next step is to convince them why they should invest in what you are proposing. Demonstrate why you are a better option than your competitors.

Make sure you make a difference by briefly explaining how your product is the right one and what benefits it would bring to your target. But above all, be honest.

Support yourself with interesting data

Use statistical data and percentages in your presentations, this way you will attract the customer’s attention. Use real numbers to give authenticity to your arguments: Reliable data carry more weight than opinions.

Statistics will also be of great help to you, since they have a recognized value. This is because they not only evaluate a current trend, but also provide insight into future behavior.

Practice before you act

A good technique to make your speech natural, pleasant and in good tone is to rehearse in front of a mirror; if you can record yourself much better. This way you will have the option to analyze it critically and improve the deficient aspects you find. Remember that you should present your fundamentals in a pleasant and as natural way as possible to achieve empathy and interest.

A good trick is to take some time off after the recording is finished. This way, when you review how you are doing, you will be able to be much more objective.

Choose the right time and place

The time you choose to present your sales pitch is important. After contacting the right people, choose a time of day when they are likely to give you the attention you need. Finish with an open-ended, engaging question that encourages discussion. This creates a space to encourage conversation and both you and the other person will continue to discuss your company with greater confidence and ease, without time pressure.

What are the types of sales pitches?

There are different types of sales pitches depending on the target audience. They are also grouped according to the context and situation in which they are presented. In total, 5 types have been identified, as follows:

Commercial Pitch

It is characterized because it creates a connection between the product and the customer by appealing to the person’s emotions; generally through a story. It uses visual elements such as simple but interesting slides with a sentence of no more than 20 words per slide. It also encourages conversation by asking open-ended questions rather than closed questions and relies on demonstrating enthusiasm and energy through voice, posture and gaze.

Elevator pitch

It is a very brief and clear presentation that lasts between 45 seconds and one minute. It should be quick but impactful. Its purpose is to convey passion for an idea or project to the recipient.

It is not only limited to sell, its intention is also to get an interview or a meeting in the future where a more elaborate and extensive proposal would be made. In order to achieve this objective, short sentences are used, with agile verb tenses and persuasive words.

Pitch deck

This type of pitch is based on making a visual presentation either in power point or Google slides that includes between 10 and 20 slides. They show the company’s mission, its business plan, its vision and growth, as well as its financial projections. Its focal point is the images, through which you will make your intentions better understood.

Rocket Pitch

It is widely used in the presentation of contests and events; it can last between one and three minutes. It transmits a clear, precise and very attractive message. It also uses power point with three slides where entrepreneurs present quickly and accurately the critical differentiating elements of their business plans.

Tweet pitch

It is done in a brief way as a post, adjusting to the character limits used by the social network Twitter to post messages online. This short text is aimed at a specific audience and is basically being used to look for a job. Using the 140 characters of Twitter, you expose who you are, what kind of job you are looking for and what you have to offer, standing out from other potential candidates.

Examples of sales pitch

You already know how to prepare a sales pitch and its variants. Now we show you some examples that could serve as a guide to create your personal or your company’s sales pitch.

Example 1

Hello, my name is Carla Acosta, I am a consultant specialized in the development of new business models within the food industry. Our goal is to apply a consulting and support model backed by high level and relevant corporate strategies and solutions. If possible, I would like to explain in detail the main points of our value proposition and its general framework. Please let me know if you are interested and when I could count on you.

Example 2

Good morning, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Amanda Torres from Eureka Enterprises. I want you to know that in my company we have managed to increase the productivity and collaboration of teams in different parts of the world. If there is any occasion where you need help in project management, just contact us. I am sure we will be able to help you generate a positive and substantial change in your company. I’ll be sure to have your contact information handy, so keep mine handy as well.

Example 3

Hi, my name is Pedro Reyes and I am dedicated to the creation of database software at Info.Cloud, a pioneer in the implementation of automated document management systems. We help companies process metadata quickly and efficiently. Our last client increased by 35% the speed and quality of information management in all its departments. We would like to show you our project, surely you will be interested.